The Children's Society

St Andrew's supports the work of the Children's Society through regular giving.

The Children's Society uses its resources to tackle the root causes of some of the major problems faced by young people. It runs national programmes covering five specific areas:

Safe on the Streets
This aims to protect those who run away from home. These children are often victims of bullying, beatings, or abuse, and many end up on the streets because there is nowhere else for them to escape to. Sadly they are then in danger of falling into drugs, crime, or prostitution in order to survive.

A Right to Education
This aims to give all children a chance to succeed. The Children's Society works with teachers, parents and children to identify the causes of disruptive behaviour and to find ways of putting it right. Thanks to this work many children and young people threatened with exclusion get a second chance.

Youth Justice
This aims to protect children on remand.

Children in Communities
This helps children to build a better future. The Children's Society helps to ensure that the views of children and young people are heard through local and national projects.

Feeding Matters
This gives many children a healthy start to life. The Children's Society works with health and social care professionals to lead the way in ensuring that children with feeding difficulties are helped to overcome this problem that can otherwise lead to a condition called Faltering Growth.


You can read more about the work of The Children's Society on their official website at


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