St Andrew's School

St Andrew's C.E. (Controlled) Primary School is a small but growing primary school with a genuinely friendly atmosphere.

In 1992 the school celebrated its centenary. The Victorian red brick building consists of two storeys, and most of the early years children are housed on the ground floor, whilst the first floor accommodates the junior children plus Year Two. There are two hard-surfaced play areas each surrounded by a brick wall.

The school takes its status as a church school seriously. Links with the church exist mainly through the Vicar, who is a governor and a frequent visitor to the school. Visits are made to parish churches as part of the R.E. curriculum. Although many of the pupils are not from families with church backgrounds the links the school has with the church are an enriching and positive experience for them.

St Andrew's has a clear mission statement which declares the Christian nature of the school and how this is interpreted in terms of valuing and respecting all members of the school community.

The school has formulated a vision, is setting high standards for all, and is providing the support to help achieve them. The curriculum offered to the pupils is not merely in line with legal requirements but reaches beyond to give them what they will need to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


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