What is BOING?

Boing is a home group run exclusively for young people from school year six upwards. We meet from 7.00pm to 9.00pm once a month during term time, and have a lot of fun!

We take our name from the energetic song "Boing" by Dave Godfrey. (If your speakers are switched on you should be able to hear a chorus from "Boing" playing in the background soon after opening this page. There is more information about the music at the foot of this page.)

If you would like to join BOING, or simply require further information, then please contact us using the web form that you can find here.


BOING In Action...

Our colours remind us of the three important ways we give as Christians...

RED giving to God in praise, worship, and obedience
AMBER giving between ourselves as a Christian community
GREEN giving to others in outreach
B eing part of The Family
O h, praise the Lord!
I will play my part
N eighbours for Jesus
G rowing in God


So... what do we get up to?

BOING meets in the café of St Andrew's Church on Friday evenings, so we enjoy toast, treats and drinks while listening to music and having a laugh.

We play games including badminton, pool and table tennis.

Typical home group activities such as praise, Bible study and prayer are important, and we learn about God through games, activities, songs and rap.


Many thanks to Dave Godfrey (http://www.omegazone.org.uk) and ICC records for allowing us to use the soundbyte from "Boing". Information about Dave's music can be obtained by post from Panic-Free Music, 5 The Old School, Front Street, Acomb, York. YO24 3BN.

Thanks also to the young people of the "Boing" Youth Home Group who helped to conceptualise this web page.



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