We are glad that you want to find out more about Christian baptism (some people call this 'Christening'). We want to help you as much as we can.

There are 5 easy steps to having your child baptised.


Choosing the Time and Place of Baptism
Baptisms in Christ Church take place during the morning service at 9.15 on the second Sunday of the month. The church welcomes all ages to come and be a part of worship.


Why Baptism?
There are many choices we need to make in our lives. From choosing a house, buying a car, to taking out a loan or choosing the right school for the children…decisions, decisions! We ask advice, read leaflets and choose carefully to make the right choice.

We believe the same is true of baptism. Is it right for you and your child - is it the right time now? It's too important to be hurried and we want to give you the information and time to make that right choice! To help you do this, we hold a preparation session where we meet with you, watch a short video, talk with other parents, and start to answer questions about baptism and being a Christian.

We'd love you to join in with our worship too. Perhaps you haven't been to church for a long time - you may be pleasantly surprised! Our visitors are an important part of preparing for baptism too! They've been Christians for some time, and when you come to church, you'll know at least one friendly face.

So let us help you consider one of the most important decisions you'll ever have to make for your child.


Q. Who can be a godparent?
A. The church requires...

Q. What does a godparent do?
A. As a parent or godparent, ask yourself...

"Am I prepared, to the best of my ability, to give the child a Christian upbringing in the family of Christ's Church?"

"Will I help the child to be regular in worship and prayer, not only by what I tell them, but also by how I behave and how I pray?"

"Will I encourage the child to come to Confirmation and Communion when they feel ready?"

Q. How many godparents do I need?
A. Usually three, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex, but one godfather and one godmother is sufficient.

Q. Can a parent be godparent to their own child?

A. Yes, as long as there is at least one other godparent.

Q. What is confirmation?
A. Confirmation means to endorse, as a mature person, the promises made on your behalf as a child. You must be worshipping regularly, be thinking about what is means to be a Christian, and re-make your baptism promises at a service of confirmation. Please speak to any of the clergy if you are interested.


We understand how important it is for you to have photos of the big day. After the service the minister will normally be prepared to have photos taken around the font with the baptism party; you can choose where people stand and you'll have much more time and space.

Photos taken during the service usually don't come out very well and it's distracting for everybody. Someone taking photos can't join in the service properly and they lose out too!


Taking a video of the service is affected by the laws of copyright, but feel free to use video cameras before and after the service. That way, even the person using the camera can join the service!



We look forward to hearing from you but please remember… don't book your guests and party until your dates have been agreed.

If you'd like to ask about baptism, or have any other enquiry, please contact:

The Vicarage,
11, Abbey Grove,
M30 9QN.



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