This Month's Letter

January 2016

Dear Friends,

A very happy new year to you and your families!

There's not a lot of good happening in our world, so it's a timely moment to think that we rely on the hope of Jesus for our future rather than the good sense of our political leaders or the goodwill of nations.January is also traditionally the month when we think about the unity which exists between Christians of all denominations and which we celebrate in our unity service at Monton Methodist church on January 24th at 3pm. We don't have to achieve unity because it is already there by virtue of the fact that we rely on the same Saviour Jesus Christ, but we do have to work at reminding ourselves that it is true. I've never had any problem in feeling united with my brothers and sisters in Christ when I know that the foundation is Christ. All other differences fade into insignificance by comparison. Therefore please come and support our churches on this occasion.

Unity in Christ is also one of the reasons we have our Lent Bible Studies together. They allow us to share fellowship with other Christians, but they also allow us to find out more about our Bibles. A number of people have benefitted from the Big Picture Bible Course held before Christmas and have been inspired to find out more about the relevance of the Bible for our lives. What better time than Lent to put that inspiration into practice?

I look forward to seeing you at one of these occasions when we can rejoice at our unity in the love of Christ.

Yours very sincerely,

Anne-Louise (Team Vicar)



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